Ekolia Lite ~ Helping my Bullies Become Heroes


Aside from the cringy title, it may not of what it seems... maybe. I don't even know what I'm saying anymore. ~~~~~ There is this girl, her name is Tenko, and she has been bullied for years due to her family background and her personality. When she got into high school, she got herself another bully. Their name is Anko and Chika, with the leader is the most terrifying of them all, Tokaya. However, as times passes by, and three years later almost at the time for her graduation. Tenko feels that she herself... has slightly changed over the years. ~~~~~ About the Novel: - Light RPG Mechanics, not many calculations and stuff going on - Obviously, I was joking about the title. Please don't take it to heart. - Not a spin-off - Nothing too much to voice concern - I love you all

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author: ImpAntique

genre: Fantasy

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