Dragon God of Demons and Devils


Tags: Action, Adventure, Bloodlines, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Martial arts, Mature, Reincarnation, Romance, Xuanhuan. Xia Tian a regular student in a top university, his aim is to get a good job, deeply love someone and lead a peaceful life without any hassles. But, unfortunately, he met with an accident when returning from his college and reincarnated into another world. In this world, strength is supreme. you are able to survive and respected only if you have sufficient strength. Xia Tian reincarnated as Ye Jian, who is considered as the trash of the Ye family in the Misty Sky City. But as his grandfather is the patriarch of the Ye family, he is able to lead a comfortable life in an isolated mansion. As Xia Tian is inclined to lead a peaceful life, he thought depending on his grandfather and slowly improve his strength without any struggle. However, Xia Tian met with troubles after his grandfather arranged his marriage with a Genius Martial artist. Xia Tian dream of leading a peaceful life came to an end because of this arranged marriage. What are the problems faced by Xia Tian? How did he survive in this strength-based world? How he became the Dragon God of Demons and Devils??? ============================ Bonous chapters are available if you increase my ranking by voting with power stones. so vote with your power stones to enjoy extra chapters each week. Rank 30-50- 1 bonus chapter Rank 10-30- 2 bonus chapters Rank below 10- 3 bonus chapters

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author: void_black

genre: Eastern Fantasy

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webnovel Enhancing Profound Veins 2020/03/17
webnovel Frustrated Xia Tian 2020/03/17
webnovel Leaving the Group 2020/03/17

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