Down Under


If you could be anyone else, who would you be? Down under New York City, beneath its bustling trains, lies a whole different world that’s on the cusp of war. A fortress called the Underground, is a utopian city founded by the Three Brothers where all people from all walks of life come to experience freedom away from the rules above ground. With high-cut technology unrestricted and available to everyone with more options to stay alive in the world above ground like the Fight Nights, every person privy to the secret of the Underground was oath-bound to keep it from being exposed. Enter Ashley Nicholson, a wild child sophomore at Stanton High with a disciplinary track record perfect to classify her as a borderline delinquent and who was happy just to be the Underground’s resident inkmaster at Sins, a talent that got her through paying for essays made by her brother. However, when a childhood friend, Draven Carter, arrives, she didn’t know her life could be upended in the most dangerous way possible. As she struggles to keep the world she loves from falling apart, she must decide whether or not Draven is an ally or someone to be trusted. She is thrust into a world of politics, espionage, war, and romance. Relationships will be tested, new ones will be formed, and bridges will burn. The Underground welcomes you. Be warned.

Associated Names

author: MissYvy

genre: Fantasy