Divine Intervention


Christian made a Grave Mistake... A soul to be collected, he gave a Second Chance Now his Equals say that this one is capable to destroy the Irth. Now him and the rest of Big Four must set off upon the planet, looking for the being so that they do not cause the triggers of the cataclysmic event. However, Christian faces one of the biggest questions of his entire exsistance. Can he trust what his Equals said? Or is there another reason afoot? Come read this tattered book that stretches from far beyond the cosmos, to be right before you. you won't believe how it ends....

Associated Names

author: Freelance_Fool

genre: Fantasy

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webnovel The Compound 2020/06/29
webnovel The First Encounter 2020/06/26
webnovel The Speakeasy 2020/06/23
webnovel Kalby Jenkins 2020/06/23
webnovel The Big (Disruptive) Apple 2020/06/23
webnovel New York 2020/06/23
webnovel The Meeting 2020/06/23
webnovel Pheonix 2020/06/23
webnovel The First Words... 2020/06/23