Divergent Stories - Ziv


The story is about Ziv. You learn about his life and his tragedy. The first story that you read will be his back story and complete. The Volumes after the first will be different stories including Ziv. I have a few ideas. One is a multiverse type option where I throw this new character Ziv inside my past stories. So one for 'Exploring My World' and 'Language of Happiness' and whenever I finish (or work on the main story I wish to write). Well I have a few other original ideas. My writing style is cemented now, but words to describe things and how characters interact with one another still needs a lot of work. Though that is much more difficult. I hope you all like it. --- The first Divergent Story will be in the Language of Happiness story. It will take place after the events of the story. No matter how good or bad you think that story is, you won't have to read it to understand what I am writing here. This is about Ziv and his story, he just happens to be in that world.

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author: KaylaDarkfire

genre: Sci-fi

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