Death Guns ☠ In Another World


Dead in a school bus accident, Alex and some of his classmates were given another chance to reincarnate in a Fantasy world. A world of Sword and Magic. However, while everyone got a wonderful Gift, Alex got two guns, one is Silver in color while the other is Black nothing more, he can't even use magic. Mocked by the other, Alex became depressed looking at the two useless guns, his fantasy dream got broken even before it began. With the others, they were sent to the otherworld to start anew. Is it really true that these two guns are really useless? This is the story of Alex with his two guns in another world. †††††††††††† Nickaido is here, this is my second Original novel. Fantasy settings once again, a world of Sword and Magic, with a particular MC. I will be happy to have you on board. Your support, Suggestions, and Comments are welcome. Ps: For now I'll only post 4/6 chapters per week. I'm busy with my other book, The Prime. Check it out. See you.

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author: Nickaido

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