Dance with the Nightingale


Nightingale The beauty and the taboo existing together. Unattainable and unacceptable. An existence only to be admired from afar. A hero of legends but a also a girl of tragedy. Shining in the night, all alone, forever… -But that’s too sad isn’t it? ** Hey guys author here… It’s my first novel, but I will try to make this beautiful. Good luck me. Also, I have a different job so I won’t be able to increase RR, it is fixed 5/week. Maybe bonus chapters on Sundays, no promises. Before giving up please read Prologue and 1st-5 chapters chapter. Also I have set up prologue to be a bit funny and ridiculous, so, don't mind next chapter won't be like that. P.S.: I don't own the cover art, whoever does can take credit for it.

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author: Kisara_Hiroto

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