Code: Butterfly


A seven year old girl woke up from amnesia. She forgot who she is and where she lives. She even forgot her own name except from when she saw a rare butterfly. She remembered her name, only. This girl was found by the Papillon, a family that owns the top university. She never knew what kind of family she encountered. She was trained into a fearless assassin and learned how to control her own powers. After six years, the family let her enter the university they built and what she encountered there is something from her past, and something so worth to reveal. Follow Ro as she finds out who she is and who her real family is. She moves step by step to her answers while going to various of events in her love life and in her adventures.

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author: Jeanne_Cardes

genre: Magical Realism

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webnovel No's POV 2020/09/20
webnovel Ro's POV 2020/09/20