CEO true face


Joshua was born from a wealthy family he was born to be his brother shadow, one day he intend to change his life, he took his own path and start a new life with new identity. "who is the new CEO?" "has anyone saw his face?". He walk his new path with hatred but who knows that one day Love will change his stone heart , while they are enjoying the spring the fate turn to another path and brought them to another story "do I know her before? the scent is so familiar its so pleasing and my heart seems longed for it " he looked to the girl's back who just walked away crossing the road "am I thinking too much? it's not him" she smiled but there is no happiness behind the smile This novel is my own fantasy, there is no another copy. ATTENTION! this novel might not too appropriate for under 18 reader there's mature content , smut warning , blood scene and some violence. if u want to know more, then Read this novel lah :) I've made IG account , You guys could contact me there. @green. jade000 I'll try to give my best for this Novel.

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author: _01p

genre: Romance