❤Cage of Love❤


They were zombies...but they didn't understand why?. They should have been normal children like others filled with love, caring, friendship and much other... Yet here they were used as experimental vessels...they didn't even know what they were...they didn't know what a sun or a moon was...they were clueless of everything. Whenever people looked at them....everyone will run away or try to kill them to obtain what they have...but why? They just hated those people who turned them like this...Yes...HATE...that was all in their mind.. They full filled there HATERED but so what? After this what should they do?...Whenever they saw the way people reacted while looking at them they desire to kill more and more increased but at the same time they were scared...YES..they were very very scared of losing their humanity...their rationality...their innocence...but in this world who would except them as for who they were....? They thought it was impossible until she came like a single ray of light in the mid of darkness. They were happy at least there is someone who treats them normally at them same time they were beyond scared that she will leave them... Thus they decided to love her, to pamper her, to care her, to protect her and TO CONFINE HER..... ------------------ They think she is there light but only she knows that they are her light of hope... For them she didn't mind anything as long as there were together.... ------------------ THAT'S ALL HER OR THEIR WISH....TO STAY TOGETHER FOR ETERNAL.... ----------------- As you all may know I just changed entire novel.... This novel contains many exploitation...many blood scenes...mature contents...horror scenes... ----------------- Each chapter contains not more than 400 words and are short chapters too...Because I am part time job student...so I can't write long chapters...that's also one of the reasons why I changed the entire novel... ----------------- Three chapters weekly...no Messing this time...i can mass release only once a month... Remember to throw some stones if you like this novel... __________

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author: Riya_San

genre: Historical Romance

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