Bullet Through My Heart


Katherine Janssen had no choice but to kill in order to save herself and her family. She has done this for fifteen years and she is willing to do it for another more. So when she received another assignment, she didn't think too much into it. She knew what to do. One bullet. Straight through the heart. No hesitations. But then, she realized as she shot that bullet in that rainy day, she knew this mistake was going to 'bite' her up in the ass. ************************************************ There will be slight gore and 'mild' cursing in this novel so if you are not comfortable reading that, please do not read :) ************************************************ (UNEDITED) Under Hiatus...

Associated Names

author: So_mi

genre: Romance

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel Under Editing. Update 2020/03/17
webnovel Stopped. 2020/03/17
webnovel Attempt Number Two 2020/03/17
webnovel Vee For Vicky 2020/03/17
webnovel Las Vegas 2020/03/17
webnovel Katherine 2020/03/17
webnovel Dreams and Nightmares 2020/03/17
webnovel Bulletproof 2020/03/17
webnovel New Assignment 2020/03/17

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