Black Magus


What kind of realm would you choose to live in after digitizing your mind? For Amun, that was a magical world where he could become a living god in a vast realm. A being who'd be born with everything. And later stripped of it all. A being with only his name, a few followers, and the arcane magic within him. Follow Amun as he learns of magic and of himself; as he forms his guild and tirelessly travels, adventures and fights across the vast world that he now finds himself in. Until all who reside on the Mortal Plane come to revere; or fear, his name. Amun, The Black Magus. *** Cover is a WIP. It's being drawn by me, so expect it to be bad. *Shrugs* You may know me from my other story, Campaign(probably not.) It's on hiatus but still being worked on. While Black Magus technically falls within the same universe, it's a standalone and as such, doesn't require the same amount of... care, as Campaign in terms of tying things together. As standard with any of my works, you won't find harems or much romance in this story. There are no characters who are good or evil solely for the sake of being good or evil. Everyone has their own reasons for pursuing any particular course of action. As for Amun, he's incredibly selfish and only acts in self interest, though he's not entirely heartless, figuratively speaking. For this story in particular, the MC has overpowered abilities, but will still need to learn how to use them/master them with time. And this story has no type of system other than a rudimentary type of augmented reality. (A wallet function and a grimoire that only the owner can see.) The magic system, creatures and world were all loosely inspired from Dungeons and Dragons as well as a few other pieces of media, but their abilities/powers are of my making. There is a class 'system.' but not the screen in your face, points and constant character sheets' type. But instead, the 'commit a few crimes/get banned from a city or town and gain the Rogue class' type. And as always, I do my best to try and maintain quality over quantity. I check again and again for errors and such, but I'm only one person who does this as a hobby, I work full time and can't catch everything. So kindly pointing out my errors would be greatly appreciated. I sincerely hope you enjoy the story! P.S: I have no plans of ever going premium, if you're wondering.

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author: Liden_Snake

genre: Fantasy

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