She is the baddest woman on the planet. People tremble just by the mention of her name. She is the most dreaded person in town, no one dares to offend her and go unscathed. Some people call her, "Cold-blooded Witch", while others call her the, "Demoness". " So what if I don't have friends?",I have one and I am satisfied with that. "To hell with my extended family who are hungry for power, since they choose to abandon me first I don't give a damn about them", "F*ck any man who thinks that I am an easy targets for ridicule?,I am more than a man myself ",Lie Ruge said seriously panting because of loss of breath. This is the story about a girl who wanted to be loved and cherished even after the terrible ordeal She went through as a child. She her mother was murdered in her presence when she was just ten years old. After completing her high school, she was sent to a school which was the best school in the World.The funny thing was that no one really knows anything about this particular school.There, she acquired the best martial arts skills, she was second to none.People of the underworld call her "LADY BOSS".She was the most beautiful and dreadful woman that any man has ever set their eyes on. She was ruthless to her enemies but what will happen when she later falls in love with a man who will bring so much laughter and brightness into her dark world? DISCLAIMER: Cover art is not mine, it's from the game Love and Producer!

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author: Flabbergasted

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