Beast Soul


Mercilessly bullied in school, Noah Pemberton finds himself standing at the railing of a bridge, ready to end it all. However, before he could find the courage to take the leap, he is suddenly attacked by a strange creature, which pushes him off the railing and into the river. After surviving the strange incident, Noah comes to the realization that he is not exactly normal anymore, and as the world around him rapidly descends into chaos, he must fight to survive amongst the beasts. This is the story of Noah. This is Beast Soul.

Associated Names

author: SavageMortal

genre: Fantasy

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel The Third 2022/01/04
webnovel Reasons 2022/01/04
webnovel Change is Coming 2022/01/04
webnovel Jinx 2022/01/01
webnovel Sorry 2021/12/31
webnovel Explode 2021/12/31
webnovel Hunter 2021/12/31
webnovel Winner 2021/12/28
webnovel Find A Way 2021/12/28
webnovel Return 2021/12/28
webnovel A Difference in Opinion 2021/12/25
webnovel A Miracle 2021/12/25
webnovel Hunt 2021/12/25
webnovel Ready Set Go 2021/12/22
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