Batman Beyond: Legacy


A retelling of the stories from Batman Beyond. Batman is dead. The news spread all over the world as soon as it was announced. Meanwhile in gotham, criminals that were too scared to come out into the night before have regained their spirit and began to take back control of the city. 8 years has passed and Gotham is once again overrun with crime. On one fateful night, Terry McGinnis, a troubled youth involved with criminal gangs meets Alfred Pennyworth, the man whom Bruce Wayne left everything to in his untimely death. The same week that the gotham police announced their new police commisioner. The youngest one in history, Barbara Gordon. The winds of change has begun to blow.

Associated Names

author: BatsyJihu

genre: Martial Arts

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel Chapter 47 2021/12/01
webnovel Chapter 46 2021/11/28
webnovel Chapter 45 2021/11/25
webnovel Chapter 44 2021/11/19
webnovel Chapter 43 2021/11/19
webnovel Chapter 42 2021/11/13
webnovel Chapter 41 2021/11/13
webnovel Chapter 40 2021/11/10
webnovel Chapter 39 2021/11/07
webnovel Chapter 38 2021/11/04
webnovel Chapter 37 2021/11/04
webnovel Chapter 36 2021/10/31
webnovel Chapter 35 2021/10/31
webnovel Chapter 34 2021/10/28
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