Author Got an SSS Class to Fight His Own MC


Ka Hyun-Su is a well-known fantasy novel writer. The series he published is selling well. Even God secretly created a replica world based on his story. Unfortunately, the story he made has a lousy ending. The main character ended up as the only living human in the world after defeating the Demon Lord. Elliot Rush, the main character, forced God to bring the writer into that world. Of course, the request could not be refused for the achievements he had obtained. The world reset, and Elliot returned to the past with his memories intact. The memory of his suffering through the journey and the pain of losing someone he loves. He was determined to give the writer the same nightmare. [I beg you. Please fix this world. I have to keep my face in God's Society. As my apology, please take this gift from me] The writer, Ka Hyun-Su, got an SSS Class to fight the Anti-Hero in his own story to save the world from destruction and redeem his reputation. How will his journey become?

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author: HerolichBackup

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