Accidental Romance


Ann Peters, a poor orphan, finds herself in love with CEO Wang Tae-joon, a man who everyone believes is far beyond her reach, she decides that only the deity can help her get him. She becomes even more desperate when she finds out that he is getting married to the billionaire daughter, Jiang Grace who is very mannerless and arrogant. Her desperate cry for help causes the deity to move in her favor and so after a brief accident both Ann and Grace wakes up in different hospitals to find out that they now occupy different bodies. Grace finds herself in Ann's body, and Ann finds herself in Grace's body. Ann goes home with the billionaire family and has to adjust to being the billionaire's daughter and automatically Wang Tae-joon's Fiancee. Tae-joon observes this new Grace in surprise as she is nothing like his arrogant fiancee, the lady before him represents everything he has ever wanted in a woman yet he is too scared to believe her when she professes her love to him. His fiancee never loved him and the only reason they were getting married was for a merger between both companies. Chairman Jiang finds out about the soul swap and instructs Ann to keep it a secret from everyone else, including his knowledge of it. As he wants his arrogant daughter to learn humility through this process. Grace on the other hand returns home with Mrs Shu, Ann's benefactor and finds out that a difficult life awaits her. Grace finds herself falling in love with Ann's cousin, Brad Carter who shows up in search of Ann. What happens to everyone and their relationships when the soul swap takes place again and both ladies return to their original place?

Associated Names

author: Miss_Behaviour

genre: Contemporary Romance

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel Can We Meet? 2021/02/17
webnovel Whatever! 2021/02/17
webnovel Done. 2021/02/17
webnovel Intruder 2021/02/17
webnovel It's Almost Over 2021/02/17
webnovel Penalty For Betrayal 2021/02/17
webnovel Taste Of Betrayal. 2021/02/17
webnovel Hello Uncle! 2021/02/17
webnovel Evil Man 2021/01/03
webnovel Suck It Up 2021/01/03
webnovel Good Plan. 2021/01/03
webnovel Prissy 2021/01/03
webnovel Punishment 2021/01/03
webnovel Us? 2021/01/03
webnovel Big Brother. 2020/12/13
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