A Warlord in Multiverse(DxD)


I’m considering this series as practice for me now and see what I like. I’ll end up writing a more better story later but I’d like if you guys give suggestions on what I can fix up on anything that I’ve messed up on like if I miss stuff in writing even if little, as I’d like to improve.

Associated Names

author: hricky205

genre: Fantasy

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel Chapter 7 (1 Year Timeskip) 2020/03/20
webnovel Chapter 6 2020/03/20
webnovel Chapter 5 2020/03/20
webnovel Chapter 4 2020/03/20
webnovel Chapter 3 2020/03/20
webnovel Chapter 2 2020/03/20
webnovel Chapter 1 2020/03/20
webnovel What happened?(Prologue) 2020/03/20

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