A series of Transmigrated Misadventures


This is an original story about a sadistic and scheming human and his defective sometimes malfunctioning cube about how they travel to different worlds with different settings where they make people's lives miserable. Zhang Fei was anything but a normal person. He was a sadistic human who made the lives of his book characters quite miserable so when he died he was bounded to a system by The voice and entered the realm network. He got a second chance at life and could now practically make the character's lives a living hell but he soon found out that there is a downside to being a sadist as well. that's all folks , so the novel is a bit different from the normal system novels you read, the Main charachter isn't a good guy like in most novels, well he isnt a bad guy either, he is just a sadist. But the point is i tried to make the story as different as i could while still keeping the system/trnasmigration formula with it, so i don't know how you will interpret the story but i hope you still read it and enjoy it. i am not chinese so i might have butchered up the chinese names in the novel. and first time writing so if its a little bad please forgive me. And almost forgot any constructive criticism is appreciated. as it helps me know what i am doing right and what i am doing wrong and helps me improve my writing. enjoy. Arc 1- [The Cube, the Sadist and The Villainess.] Writing in Quotation marks-"For dialogues of characters" 'writing in apostrophe'- For inner monologues and thoughts writing in brackets- [For the dialogue of system]

Associated Names

author: EvilcatCoco

genre: Fantasy

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