A Game of Systems


By accidentally destroying a ghoul, he achieves a system, which gives him the abilities of a Hunter. But his timing wasn't really good... Even before a week passes by, they step into the event, "The Witch Hunt," giving them an opportunity to become an Immortal before they are doomed. Every user of the 8 different systems are doomed to die in 30 years, if they haven't reached "Immortality." Forced and addicted to kill and gain power, Danny and the vast number of players hidden from the society, thrive to hide behind the Veil, solve the unsolvable mysteries and face the world only visible to their eyes. • Fact - 14 chapters weekly ( May differ from ps ranking ) - The story focuses on a lot of characters ;) ---------------------------------------------------------- A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR! I hope to release chapters daily with around 1.1k - 1.5k words each. I will need all the help from my readers. I will need power stones to climb to the top, I hope you guys will love the book. And feel free to point out any mistakes done by me and comment on how to improve my writing. If you guys want to support me, you can support me at Ko-fi, https://ko-fi.com/thedarkfox3312 Have a good day dear friends.. P.S. - The cover art is not mine. If you're the owner and you want me to take it down, you can notify me. Discord : https://discord.gg/ZJjknXF5

Associated Names

author: The_Dark_Fox

genre: Fantasy

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel Barney's Confession 2021/10/23
webnovel The Picture 2021/10/23
webnovel Jim 2021/10/23
webnovel Grandpa's Wish 2021/10/23
webnovel Claw Mark 2021/10/23
webnovel Pass The Bite 2021/10/23
webnovel Royale Lions 2021/10/23
webnovel Who's Destined To Win 2021/10/23
webnovel Unexpected 2021/10/23
webnovel Delusions 2021/10/23
webnovel Rainy Evenings 2021/10/23
webnovel What your heart tells you 2021/10/23
webnovel Bullies 2021/10/23
webnovel Docks 2021/10/23
webnovel Game Cheats 2021/10/23
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