Young Master in Apocalypse


“How dare you! courting death?!” No sane person would dare to try messing with Viktor. After all, he was the youngest son of the richest and the most powerful man in Russia. The Romanov family was a royalty, and as the youngest son, he can enjoy anything he want Vodka, Caviar, Cigar and Supermodels Such luxuries are the reality of daily life for Viktor. He spent most of his time hosting the best, most grand parties, and having the best time of his life. One would expect that such a luxurious life would end when the apocalypse came… Or perhaps not. When 80% of the population perished and rose as the living undead. Viktor hid himself in the luxurious Romanov bunker. Like a king of his own jungle, he still continued his decadent parties every day. He lived as such for two years, before he was forced to get out of the bunker for the first time. Now, the world has become such a different place. His money, his friends, his status, all has been rendered useless. He was greeted with hordes of undead, mutated monsters, Alien technology and superhumans that stood between him and his future. Will the young master survive the apocalypse? This is the story of an arrogant young master on the journey to find the best thing in life even in the apocalypse. Fortunately, Viktor has his secret, a legendary artifact, that granted him the skill and power to lead him back to the extravagant life of a young master in the apocalypse

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author: Avan

genre: Fantasy

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webnovel Calm Down 2022/01/01
webnovel Bombarded 2022/01/01
webnovel Shooting Spree 2022/01/01
webnovel Decision 2021/12/25
webnovel Horde 2021/12/25
webnovel Boosted 2021/12/25
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