Fractured Fighter (Completed)


Ryu Narukami and Ryuji Hakuna were Seperated when They lost their parents in a Tragic event. Ryuji lives on with his Grand father, wielding the power of Space and time and ensure that he gets revenge on his brother Ryu, Despite not knowing the Truth. Ryu lives on surviving on his own wielding the power of Electricity and evolving around the years and adapting new abilities with him and his Friends. Brothers seperated and learning how to be strong to protect those they love but one doesn't know the truth Ryu fighting along with his Friends and his family while for Ryuji fighting to finally get retribution for his family. I will be taking a break until the rest of my novels are equal to the no of chapters to this one. 20 Chapters per Volume Created by Jay Abidin Written by Jay Abidin

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author: TheUnknownBoy

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